About Charleston Cheers

Dave Auer

Dave is originally from Buffalo, New York where his parents owned and operated a small ski shop out of their home’s garage. After acquiring it, he became enthralled in business. From being Vice President for Dynastar Skis, to President of Fischer Skis, it led him to appreciate the pay-off to hard work and mostly, to loving warm weather!

Fun Facts:

  • He has (3) daughters, all of whom have had weddings. Needless to say he has mastered the bar service category at this point!
  • Favorite drink? A Dry Grey Goose Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives

Allison A. Littlefield

Allison also originates from the North, and is Dave’s daughter! She has worked in hospitality for the past 15 years(Charleston’s specifically since 2009). From working for a local restaurant group, to being Catering Director for a popular, local wedding venue in town, it’s fair to say that food, bar, hard work and fun, is in her nature!

Fun Facts:

  • She has been a part of the Charleston Wedding Industry since 2013, owning and operating her own company.
  • Favorite Drink? A Cosmopolitan